Avalon Sustainable Energy Solutions

We are the 1st company in the world to develop and deliver Cavity Wall Insulation via rope access.

Avalon Sustainable Energy Solutions Ltd is part of the  AVALONPRO group of companies and has been installing Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) measures via rope access since September 2009.

Insulation via rope access is:

  • SAFER All installers are IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) registered. This means we adhere to the ultimate Health and Safety standards, which IRATA brings. Sites will be left with no security issues or disruption that scaffolding brings. For more information, click SAFETY.
  • QUICKER Avalon Sustainable Energy Solutions can deliver CWI measures to blocks quicker and more efficiently than the time it takes to erect scaffolding. Our innovative access using abseiling has resulted in our clients being able to deliver approx. 70% more CWI measures due to the value for money that the abseil access gives over traditional scaffolding methods.
  • GREENER Simply put, less equipment equals less traffic and less emissions. Our new vehicle fleet uses the latest technology to reduce traffic emissions and this is further reduced by engaging local storage for our vehicles.

    We encourage the cycle to work scheme, low emissions vehicles and renewable energy at site - amongst many other things! We are proud of our ISO 14001 accreditation and are striving to aim to continually improve our environmental standards.

  • LOWER COST Using rope access for Hard to Treat Cavity Wall Insulation means up to a 70% saving against scaffolding. For more information, click BENEFITS.

To date Avalon Sustainable Energy Solutions has carried out in excess of 28,000 cavity wall installations to ‘Hard To Treat’ properties across the UK. 

We have successfully delivered Cavity Wall Insulation via rope access to a number of clients ranging from Local Authorities, Social Housing Providers, Framework Contractors and private leasehold landlords. For more information, click  CASE STUDIES and read this article at PH Jones, part of British Gas. 

Avalon Sustainable Energy Solutions has collected an array of AWARDS through our low-cost energy efficiency works and is now exploring other areas of insulation innovation to bring more savings to more people. 

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Tweets by @AvalonPro

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